Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Merlin and Library Related Blogs

For capturing my initial thoughts, read mahjchick, or just read her blog because it is fun and anything that brings a smile to your day is a Good Thing. I started reading blogs with the great ones, like Librarian Avengers and the Lipstick Librarian. The technical blogs don't interest me as much, perhaps a bit of "been there , done that, have the scar tissue".

Looked at Feedster, Topix, Syndic8, liked Technorati although not the name which has this elitist connotation not borne out by the very down to earth interfaces.

My prize for best blog for pure reading pleasure is Books to the Ceiling If you are fortunate enough to know Robert Rood, she writes exactly as she speaks, eloquent and scholarly. Her readers advisory and recommendations have led me to both re-read classics with an adult appreciation for a well told tale (very different than that of a student up against a deadline for a paper :) and to discover new small press authors whom hopefully will continue to write so that I may read.

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