Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Drowned Maidens Hair ,

A brief digression from the process while I rave about this wonderful book by Laura Amy Schlitz. Chapter One "On the morning of the best day of her life, Maud Flynn was locked in the outhouse, singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". Grabbed my attention.

A very historically authentic story about an orphan girl adopted by spinster sisters who run a business as spiritualists, a very popular enterprise in the late 1800's. Maud Mary Flynn is eleven, passing for nine, when the sisters train her to become a key player in their deception of grief-stricken clientele. As a tween, I thrilled to the Mary Stewarts, Victoria Holts (precocious child) and this book has that same wonderful Gothic atmosphere without all the adult complications which I would skip over as uninteresting.

Laura Amy Schlitz is a local author, and the lower school librarian at the Park School in Baltimore. And now back to "Mashups"

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Scarlet said...

Feel free to digress more often! If you love it, I probably will too! A Drowned Maiden's Hair is on my 'need to read soon' list but I have only seen it on the shelf once in the past few months and as I was currently trying to find something good and new for the young voracious reader standing next to me, I couldn't justify taking it myself. I guess I will just have to place a reserve.

Looking forward to more. And I love the Meez!