Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bloglines RSS Feed #8 and more technology grousing

My bloglines feed is set up and running, my requirement is fulfilled. Now I have bloglines, yahoo feeds, feeds on my toolbars -- none of them are consistent, fueling my technology insanity. Where is that feed from Mike and Jen's Xanga? What did I do with Kim's Children's Literature wiki?

At work I use three different computers on a regular basis, two of them shared so that nothing is configured to my personal satisfaction. At home I use two computers regularly (I am currently on my XP desktop) and the wireless laptop in the great room. Occasionally I use my husbands desktop as he has some softwares I don't, as well as the household files. Too many machines. Don't even get me started on the difference in the softwares between those machines.

For any out there that missed this great video "Medieval Helpdesk"

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Barb said...


I am sooo glad to hear you-our Tech Queen Guru Goddess (and any other word which shows how highly we hold you in esteem and need your help)
say what a mish-mash this all is. Forget mashups.

Just wanted to tell you that Tanis and I are on the desk on Friday, Sept. 14 and we're trying to figure out how we can find a customer's list of books already checked out. We don't get it.

We looked at each other and said Where is Shirley when we need her?
She would know.

We hope you are having a wonderful time in Italia and know that you are being missed in Marylandia.

:) Barb