Monday, August 13, 2007

23 Things - 7 1/2 Habits of LifeLong Learners

The easiest and hardest of the habits is the same one - Having confidence in yourself as a competent effective learner. Recently graduating from graduate school, I feel confident in my ability to learn. There is a certain familiarity with technology. On the other hand, digital cameras frighten me and they seem to take pictures of feet where ever I point them! The confidence always seems to come after the learning, not before and during when I could really use it. Ever onward.


Jaye Holly said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of 23 Things! I hope that you'll find that this program helps to boost your confidence as a learner, because there are truly no wrong answers and no way to "mess it up." This is your journey. Enjoy the ride!
Jaye :)

Kim said...

Hi Shirley!!!

*Waves* Love all the pink! :)

esbboston said...

Enjoying your blog, I had a bazillion computers in my office & another room all hooked up to a KVM switch, it helped. A little. Then why am I at home on stress leave ?!?!?!? I am having a great summer playing with my dog, writing, doing art and growing tomatoes.