Friday, October 12, 2007

22 Downloadable Audio

Thank you Howard County Library -- the MP3 player was loaded up with books and went to Italy with me -- 10 books weighing .3 oz, sounds cool right? I am really really bad at remembering to charge things -- my cell phone is dead more often then live. So of course there was that problem when it died on the beach ... Much better headphones are needed then earbuds on planes -- I had forgotten how loud airplanes are, but I did finish a major chunk of "Thursday Next - First Among Sequels". Back to the beach thing, I like to listen to the ocean and read, that is not the same as listening to a book and listening to the ocean which does not work nearly as well. Then there is the conversation thing, not the heavy duty kind, but the desultory kind you can have while reading that you do not hear with earbuds in your head. And my ears hurt.

OK.. a little off track .. what was I supposed to be writing about? Thanks to John Jewitt for the secret of the little thingie you needed to change to make your mp3 player actually play audio books. I was supposed to read the manual -- hah!

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